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Pharma Franchise For Capsules & Softgel – Interested in starting a pharma franchise business? Then F C Remedies is here offering the best and most profitable pharma franchise for capsules and softgel. F C Remedies is a well-known pharma company offering the best pharma products at a very affordable rate. As the economy is growing, the demand for basic things including medicines is also increasing. This makes the pharma sector one of the promising and attractive sectors to start your career.

But there is a catch, the pharma sector is highly regulated and needs mandatory license and documentation to start even a small-scale business. And the financial part is another story. However, there is the best way of starting a pharma business without starting from scratch. 

But there are pharma companies offering business deals offering monopoly rights of selling and distribution in a particular area/region. Therefore, if you are also interested in this business deal, then reach out to F C Remedies for pharma franchise for capsules and softgels, call us at  +91 8146636184, or write us an email at,

Reasons To Invest In A Capsules and Softgel pharma franchise in India

Both capsules and softgel come under the category of oral dosage. These are among the most consumed medication along with tablets. The difference between softgel and capsules is that capsules can be made by pressing powder medication whereas softgel is like an encapsulation in which the medication is covered by a gelatin layer. The main difference is the speed of medication release in the stomach. Both capsules and softgels have a broad spectrum of applications in the medical field. That’s why they always remain in high demand. 

In addition, the entire market share of oral dosage solid is approximate $2.3 billion and India is the emerging hub for both demand and suppliers in the world. That’s why investing in a pharma franchise for capsules and softgel is the best business opportunity out there. However, the following are some perks of being a pharma franchise holder – 

  1. Best Quality products 
  2. Affordable 
  3. Exclusive Monopoly Rights
  4. On-time delivery
  5. Full assistance 

ISO-Certified Capsules & Softgel Range By R C Remedies

  1. LONATE-S – l-ornithine+l-aspartate+silymarin capsules for hepatic encephalopathy, etc. 
  2. ALTIS-12G – 12-G formula soft gel
  3. AVEO-CZ – calcium carbonate+calcitrol+zinc softgel is used to treat conditions like weak bones, brittle bones, hypoparathyroidism, etc. 
  4. RABAX-IT – Rabeprazole+itopride ALU ALU for treating stomach acid, gastro-esophageal reflux, peptic ulcers, etc. 
  5. TRIC-200 – Itraconazole capsules for treating fungal infection of lungs, toenails, fingernails, etc. 
  6. XETOP – Antioxidant+multivitamin capsules 
  7. PHENY-500 – Chlomphenical capsules are used for treating bacterial infections. 

Leading Pharma Franchise for Capsules & Softgel – F C Remedies

F C Remedies is an ISO-certified pharma company offering the best business deal in the market. The company has the best facility and team to carry out a large-scale production of capsules and softgels. Also, the entire pharma range is manufactured with the best and premium quality raw materials and in a totally sterile environment. Now, let’s take a look into the main features of F C Remedies as the leading pharma franchise company in India – 

  1. First of all, F C Remedies is offering the WHO-GMP-ISO-certified capsules and softgels range.
  2. Secondly, we use high-tech technology for the production and packaging of our products. 
  3. Also, the entire pharma range is manufactured under the supervision of a highly experienced and professional team.
  4. Moreover, the investment needed for starting a pharma franchise is genuine.
  5. Furthermore, our products are affordable and we are offering monopoly rights of distribution to all the franchise holders.
  6. Our business offer is valid across India and we assured timely delivery of all the orders. 
  7. Lastly, F C Remedies offers full-time assistance and support to all franchise holders.

At last, hope you get all the information regarding the top capsule & softgel PCD Company in India. However, if you are interested in the business opportunity, then feel free to reach out to F C Remedies today!

Contact Details

Name – F C Remedies

Address – Plot No.174, Industrial Area, Phase-I, Panchkula (Haryana) 134113

Phone No. – +91 8146636184

Email Id. –,

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question – Where Can I get ISO-certified capsules and softgels range at affordable pricing?

Answer – F C Remedies offers the best and ISO-certified soft gel capsules at the best price in the market.

Question – Which company is the best to invest in a pharma franchise for soft gel capsules?

Answer – F C Remedies is the best company offering a highly profitable pharma franchise for capsules and soft gel.

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