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Pharma Franchise For Injectables – F.C. Remedies is a well-known brand in the pharmaceutical market, and we specialize in providing high-quality injectables and other pharmaceutical products for better treatment. We are offering a highly profitable pharma franchise for injectables business opportunities. We would be able to contribute to India’s bright and healthy future.

In the medical sector, healthcare items are extremely important. Additionally, F.C. Remedies is a significant distributor and maker of pharmaceutical goods. We have recently purchased Pharma Franchise For Injectables business prospects. Furthermore, now that F.C. Remedies has introduced the fantastic prospect of Pharma Franchise For Injectables, you will have the wonderful opportunity to realize all of your dreams by joining us.

For more information, feel free to reach out to F.C. Remedies either by calling us at +91 8146636184 or writing us an email at,

Rising Demand For Injectables In The Market

Injectables have a number of advantages for enhancing a patient’s health. The fastest approach to providing healing components to the body is through injectable medications. Similarly, doctors, pharmacists, and medical professionals prefer to employ injectables to treat health problems. The majority of Injectables are used in hospitals, clinics, and medical laboratories.

Furthermore, injectables are the most popular medications on the market for any surgery, operation, or cure. As a result, Injectables control about 35% of the total profit in the pharmaceutical and medical industries. As a result, the most important portion of our business is leading to the development of a diverse range of effective and safe injectables for a better cure.

Injectables List Being Offered By F.C. Remedies

Let’s take a look into the premium quality pharma range of injections being offered by F.C. Remedies. The entire range is ISO-certified and cleared of all the quality control levels. 

  1. FERON & FERON-D3 – Iron sucrose and Cholecalciferol (Vit-D3) injection. 
  2. CADEC-25 & CADEC-50 – Nandrolone decanoate is used for treating anemia, and osteoporosis in menopausal women. 
  3. CYCLO-AQ – Diclofenac sodium is an anti-inflammatory medicine. 
  4. FC-NATE & FC-PLUS – Artesunate and Mecobalamin+Multivitamins
  5. FC-CLAV – Amoxycillin+Clavulanic acid for treating infections related to ears, lungs, sinus, skin, and many more. 
  6. JETA-100 & JETA-500 – Amikacin, is another antibiotic used for broad infections. 
  7. MAPRED-1000, 40, 125 – Methylprednisolone sodium succinate 
  8. ZENTAZ – Ceftriaxone+Tazobactum injections are widely used for treating bacterial infections.
  9. TEXAN – Ceftriaxone+Sulbactum injections treating for bacterial infection. 
  10. FC-PEN IGM – Meropenem injection for treating bacterial infection related to the stomach. 

Reasons To Invest In A Pharma Franchise For Injectables

Following is the list of the best reasons of investing in a pharma franchise business opportunity. 

  1. To begin with, pharmaceutical treatments and goods are in high demand in the healthcare sector. And the demand is continuously growing day by day.
  2. Second, having a Pharma franchise allows you to have a stable business for a long period. You’ll also be able to meet all of the needs of healthcare facilities and clients with a Pharma Franchise for injectables.
  3. Also, you’ll have the opportunity to earn more money.
  4. Additionally, you will get client support and confidence by providing the greatest Pharma & Injectables selection.
  5. Furthermore, a Pharma Franchise provides greater opportunities for business development and advancement, as well as a more secure future.
  6. Lastly, beginning a Pharma franchise for injectables requires only a small investment.

Leading Pharma Franchise For Injectables – F.C. Remedies

For many years, F.C. Remedies has been the greatest and most reliable pharmaceutical company. We guarantee that we will meet all of our client’s needs and expectations in terms of healthcare. Similarly, the finest thing about our firm is that we are a GMP-certified pharmaceutical company that adheres to all of the norms and regulations governing high-quality manufacturing.

Furthermore, we constantly innovate and expand our product quality so that we can provide our clients with the highest quality injectables and pharmaceuticals. That’s why F C Remedies is the best Pharma Franchise For Injectables. At last, for any queries, feel free to reach out to F.C.Remedies for more information on the following details. 

Contact Details

Name F C Remedies

Address – Plot No.174, Industrial Area, Phase-I, Panchkula (Haryana) 134113

Phone No. –  +91 8146636184

Email Id. –,

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question – Which company offers the best injection pharma franchise?

Answer – F.C. Remedies offers the best injection pharma franchise in India.

Question – Why invest in a pharma franchise?

Answer – Pharma franchise is highly profitable with low-risk factors. 

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