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ALFUZOSIN-10 MG TABLET ( ALU-ALU) – ALFUZOSIN-10 MG TABLET ( ALU-ALU) is used to treat the symptoms of the large prostate glands. The medicine surely does not shrink the prostate but helps in relaxing the muscles. It also helps in the difficulty which is caused at the beginning of the urinal flow. It resolves a lot of issues.


The use of this medicine is written on the medicine and you can also consult a doctor before consuming the medicine. One can take this medicine with the food or without the food as per the choice. One should not crush or chew the medicine and have a taste of it as it will surely be bitter in taste. Also, this can increase the side effects that are caused. Consume the whole medicine without crushing it or chewing it.

Side effects of ALFUZOSIN-10 MG TABLET ( ALU-ALU)

It can also suddenly drop the blood pressure which can lead to dizziness or fainting. The side effect is possible but totally depends on person to person. So one can try the medicine and then see the side effects. If you are allergic and injured you can avoid consuming this medicine. Also, to avoid dizziness the doctor might tell you to stop consuming and you can stop the consumption if you feel uncomfortable taking it.

Precautions to be taken

The precautions that should be taken are that if you have a medical history that has some serious health issue you should always tell this your doctor. Medical history such as liver disease, kidney disease, heart problems, low blood pressure, and eye problems. Any other medical condition is when you should either consult a doctor first or should completely stop consuming the medicine to avoid any serious medical condition occurring.

The medicine can also cause a condition that can lower the heart rate and this should be taken care of. In addition, if any surgeries are been considered by you or dental checkups make sure you are telling your doctor whatever medicine you are on. Pregnant women are advised to take the medicine under the proper guidance and prescription.


If you have been taking more than the required amount you should stop then and there. Rush to the nearest hospital or nearest doctor. Serious problems such as not being able to breathe, fainting, or any other can occur and this is mainly due to the overdose. Avoid doing this and always get a prescription first.

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