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Ayurveda is the best medicine for treatments. Gynosh is an Ayurvedic Gynae Syrup that helps in the treatment of the major gynecological issues of women. Every woman at the age of 12 to 50 years experience the phase of menstrual cycle. Under this, the ovaries release eggs every month. This is a sign of fertility. During the phase of menstruation or periods, there are several hormonal changes, and various other psychological issues are faced by a woman. At times the issue becomes severe such as the PCOD and PCOS. In these conditions, a woman faces irregular periods which are extremely painful along with the symptoms of excessive weight gain or weight loss.  Hormonal experiences are very diverse in the face of PCOD and PCOS such as in women who experience excessive hair on the body and especially on the face and neck region. 

The Ayurvedic Gynae Syrup offers protection from the occurrence of these changes in the body as it provides strength to the woman during the day periods. As a result, irregular periods stop, the tiredness in the body, fatigue, symptoms of PCOD, PCOS, and other unhealthy responses of the body are reduced within time after the consumption. 

Gynosh, an Ayurvedic Gynae Syrup acts as an endocrine regulator on the Hypothalamus-pituitary-ovary axis. Further, the hormonal imbalance is reduced. Women under the condition of periods face mood swings, cravings, excessive headaches, nausea, irritated mood, and much more. However, the regular consumption of the Female Hormonal Balance Syrup can reduce all these irregularities in the body. 

Consumption of Ayurvedic Gynae Syrup needs the follow-up of precautions. Consume the syrup in a limited quantity which means it should be taken only two times a day.  It is recommended that the person must use the syrup only after the approval of a gynecologist,  the use should not be self-administered.  This is a female hormonal balance syrup, kindly do not take it for any other aspect such as to increase energy.  Pregnant women are not allowed to take the syrup as it may lead to several casualties.  This is not safe for the women below the age of 18 years.  Composed using herbs, the syrup may not offer many side effects but there are some rare after effects which are faced by the people. Some common effects are digestive issues, constipation, having flu during periods, abdominal pain, tiredness, and a frequent urge to sleep.

Uses of Ayurvedic Gynae Syrup

Gynosh is composed of nearly 15 natural herbs. The benefits of Ayurvedic Gynae Syrup to the human body are mentioned below. 

  • This is a female hormonal balance syrup that helps the ladies overcome the issues they face during their Menstrual phase.
  • The consumption of Gynosh syrup protects a woman from irregular periods that lead to the condition of PCOS and PCOD.
  • Its frequent consumption protects from painful periods, excessive abdominal pain, and irritated mood during periods. 
  • This can also balance the condition of excessive hair gain in the body especially on the region of the face and neck when women initially experience periods and during the menopause phase

Precautions with Ayurvedic Gynae Syrup

Follow the necessary precautions which are recommended by the health experts during the regular consumption of this syrup. The advised precautions are mentioned below.

  • Always consume the syrup after the approval of your gynecologist. 
  • Do not consume the syrup for more than two times a day. 
  • If you feel a loss of energy, report to the doctor. 
  • Any allergies need to be informed to the doctor. 
  • The pregnant woman should not consume this syrup. 

Side Effect of Ayurvedic Gynae Syrup

The common effects are

  • Heavy flow in periods
  • Drowsiness
  • Loose stools 
  • Digestive trouble

Storage- Keep the Ayurvedic Gynae Syrup stored in a cool and dry place.

Note- The Ayurvedic Gynae Syrup is only for external use.

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