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Urology PCD Company 

Urology PCD Company – Urology is one of the prominent sectors in India offering the best business opportunity right now. Rather than starting a new business from the scratch, this is the best time to invest in a Urology PCD Company. PCD or Propaganda cum distribution in which the pharmaceutical sector offers distribution and selling rights to a third party/ person in a particular region.

In this blog, we are discussing one of the leading urology pcd companies names F C Remedies. Our company offers the best of deals in the current market scenario and has a PAN India presence. To avail the best business handling experience and to enjoy the best urological products in India. Reach out to F C Remedies either by calling at  +91 9592511066, +91 8146636184 or writing us an email at,

Urological Product Market Size In India

Urology is a division of medicine that mainly deals with the disease related to the male/female urinary tract consisting of the kidney, bladder, ureters, and urethra. These organs have the responsibility of filtration, storing, and discharging waste(urine) from the body. Also, it may comprise reproductive parts like the vagina, penis, testicles, etc. 

The ever-expanding healthcare sector has a long path to go. This makes the sector an attractive business to venture into. There are several factors contributing to the demand for urological products in India, such as – 

  1. Overpopulation in India is the biggest contributor to the rising demand. 
  2. Growing economy and infrastructure development pushing the demand up to large extent. 
  3. Surging in the cases of disease related to kidney, bladder, etc. 
  4. There is a tremendous increase in cases related to erectile dysfunction, hematuria, bladder cancer, interstitial cystitis, and many more. 
  5. Undiagnosed disease and rapid increase in cancer cases in India. 

In addition, Urological product demand does not limit to the cases of Indians witnessing. But also has other applications such as dialysis devices, endoscopes, lithotripsy, urinary catheters, ureteral stents, and many more. 

Urology Product List Being Offered By F C Remedies

Enjoy the best-formulated pharma range being offered by F C Remedies. Our every product is made from the selected raw materials. The entire urology product range is ISO-certified and passes all the quality standards. Also, the supervision of a very expert and professional team. We not only have injections but also tablets, ALU ALU, blisters, etc. 

Now, let’s take a look into the Urology Medicine List being offered by F C Remedies – 

  1. EROXIME-500 – It is a cefuroxime axetil tablet for treating bacterial infections. 
  2. ESHGRON-50 – Megrabegron tablet used for treating overactive bladder, and neurogenic detrusor overactivity. 
  3. ESHNAP-D – Naphroxyn Sodium+Domperidone tablet used for treating gout, dysmenorrhea, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. 
  4. ESHVATE-200 – Flavoxate tablet for decreasing muscle spasms in the bladder and treating the condition of a painful urination. 
  5. ESHZOSIN-D – Alfuzosin+ Dutasteride tablets are used for treating enlarged prostate glands. 
  6. NITOSH-100 – Nitrofurantoin tablet used for treating urinary tract infection. 
  7. ESHOL-10 – Solifenacin tablets are used for treating conditions like overactive bladder, loss of bladder control, etc. 
  8. ESHOFER-5 – It has iron sucrose. 
  9. EROXIME-1.5 GMS – Cefuroxime tablets for treating bacterial infection related to gonorrhea, Lyme disease, etc. 
  10. POTESH-B6 – Pottasium citrate+citric acid+Vitamin B6 is used for treating kidney stones. 

Be A Part Of The Leading Urology PCD Company In India –  F C Remedies 

FC Remedies means quality. We are offering a DCGI-approved pharm range at the best price in the market. Enjoy the best business opportunity across India at a very low investment. There is no doubt about the quality of products being offered by F C Remedies. Our company started in 2010 and is located in Panchkula, Haryana. Also, the company has ISO9001:2015 certification and has the best facility in the region.

Currently, there are 1200+ franchise associates across India enjoying great perks and high-profit margins. Moreover, we have an extensive list of medicine ranges such as derma, gastro, antifungal, antibiotic, and many more. 

Following is the list of perks being offered by F C Remedies – 

  1. First of all, we have a state-of-the-art infrastructure having the best facilities in the region.
  2. Secondly, enjoy the best profit margins at affordable pricing. 
  3. Thirdly, our urology distributorship business is available across India at a very low investment. 
  4. We already have satisfied and happy franchise holders in almost all the states. 

Lastly, join hands with one of the best urology PCD companies in India – F C Remedies, reach out to us on the following details today!

Contact Details 

Name – F C Remedies

Address – Plot No.174, Industrial Area, Phase-I, Panchkula (Haryana) 134113

Phone –  +91 9592511066, +91 8146636184

Email –,

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q – Which company is offering a urology PCD franchise in India?

A – F C Remedies is offering the best urology PCD franchise in India at a very low investment. 

Q – What do you mean by urology?

A – Urology is a branch of medicine that deals with treating medical conditions related to kidney, bladder, prostate, and other related organs.

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